2013 Seat Leon 1.2L Filtro de Aire Desempeño

2013 Seat Leon 1.2L L4 Filtro de Aire
  • Diseñado para incrementar la potencia & la torsión para el 2013 Seat Leon con el motor 1.2L.
  • Puede ser limpiado y vuelto a usar
  • Este filtro de aire Leon de K&N dura durante toda la vida de su vehículo.
  • Garantía de Un Millón de Millas con el uso de Vehículos de Calle
Los filtros de aire de motor de K&N para los 2013 Seat Leon están diseñados para agregar potencia y rendimiento al proporcionar hasta un 50% más de flujo de aire al Seat de su motor.

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2013 Seat Leon 1.2L L4 Motor de gas - All Models
I would highly recommend this brand of filter. I have installed K&N filters in every vehicle I have owned and I have seen my MPG go up on average of 1.5 - 2 MPG after it has been installed. I do not check my mileage until after the filter has been in the vehicle for 5,000 miles to get an accurate measurement. It may not seem like much but considering I usually keep my cars for 100,000 miles before trading it off, it is a big difference. See the following facts: 100,000 miles with out K&N filter @ 25 MPG 4000 gallons of gas X $2.60 gallon $10,400.00. 100,000 miles with K&N filter @ 26.5 MPG 3,773.58 gallons of gas X $2.60 gallon $9,811.31, savings of $588.69. I am not a scientist and this is the low end of improvement with MPG from a K&N filter but it does pay for itself. I have not factored in the improvements and performance on an engine but if you are getting cleaner and more air flow it saves on your engine and gives it a longer life span. that alone is worth the filter.
, De Forest, Wisconsin
Reemplazo del filtro de aire
K&N 33-3004
  • Diseñado para aumentar la potencia
  • Garantía Limitada hasta un Millón de Millas
33-3004 2013 Seat Leon 1.2L L4 Motor de gasReemplazo del filtro de aire
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