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2017 K&N Racing Contingency Program Requirements for USCS Modified Series

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K&N USCS Modified Series Contingency Information

K&N Racing Contingency Requirements for USCS Modified Series

Air Filter:

To be eligible, competitor must have a K&N air filter on the engine air intake (carburetor, fuel injection, etc.) of the race vehicle. The K&N filter must be functional. Crankcase ventilation filters or other ventilation filters are not accepted. The competitor must have a 36 square inch K&N decal affixed to the race vehicle. 1st place competitors will be presented with product certificates worth $150, 4th place competitors $100, and 5th place competitors $75. K&N product certificates are to be redeemed through K&N at K&N's published retail price schedule.

For additional decals, please contact our customer service department by phone at (800) 858-3333 or by email at [email protected].