Parte K&N correspondiendo con el filtro de aceite Champ Labs. LFP2999

El filtro de aceite Champ Labs. LFP2999 corresponde con el filtro de aceite de K&N que aparece a continuación. K&N fabrica este filtro de aceite para ser compatible con el filtro de aceite de Champ Labs. ofreciéndole una buena alternativa de alta calidad.
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K&N Filtro De Aceite
  • Tuerca de 1 pulgada de fácil extracción
  • Servicio Pesado de Construcción
Gary Marletto, Prineville, Oregon
I think these are excellent filters and I love the fact that they have the nut on the end.
Terrence O'Brien, Hancock, New York
Great filters.
David Allen, Hanover, New Mexico
Great filter and the only one I use.
HP-3003 K&N HP-3003 Filtro de Aceite
Precio de Lista: $17.89
Tu Precio: $15.99
K&N Filtro De Aceite
  • Serie K&N Silver de Alto Rendimiento
  • Para los aceites sintéticos y convencionales
Bob Mitchell, Hamble, Southampton, United Kingdom
Great service and communication :-)
Bob Mitchell, United Kingdom
Good product, Excellent service :-)
EJ Rogers, California Hot Springs, California
Just a note to say Thanks and to let you know that every product I purchased from you over the years was outstanding and you have stood behind every product if there was a question of a problem. Every product that I ever ordered was at my door the 2nd day after ordering. Outstanding!
PS-3003 K&N PS-3003 Filtro de Aceite
Precio de Lista: $15.59
Tu Precio: $12.99
K&N Filtros De Aceite; Billet
  • Palanquilla cubierta de aluminio
  • Lavable y reutilizable
Don Millikin, Strawberry Plains, Tennessee
This filter works great I am happy with purchasing this product.
Ritchie kane, Gloucester, Maine
I use this filter on all my cars. Wicked pricy though.
Johnny Mack, Bar Harbor, Maine
This is a wicked good filtah.  Only problem is its wicked expensive.. SS-3003
SS-3003 K&N SS-3003 Filtros de Aceite; Billet
Tu Precio: $239.95