Parte K&N correspondiendo con el kit de admisión Chevrolet 23342235

El kit de admisión Chevrolet 23342235 corresponde con el kit de admisión de K&N que aparece a continuación. K&N fabrica este kit de admisión para ser compatible con el kit de admisión de Chevrolet ofreciéndole una buena alternativa de alta calidad.
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K&N Entrada De Aire De Desempeño
  • Tubo de Polietileno de Alta Densidad
  • Garantizado para aumentar los caballos de fuerza
Ricardo Lombardini, Binghamton, New York
Excellent air intake system. Vehicle runs better.
Robert Fox, Rockford, Illinois
Don't notice the extra power, but I definitely have gained a couple miles per gallon on the freeway. I'm now averaging about 27.3 doing 75-85mph, where I used to get 23-24mpg at the same speeds. That, and not having to unbolt that stock box to change a filter are worth it in my book. It's a 2.8 diesel. I wasn't looking for a race truck or a towing monster. I was looking for more efficiency, and easeier maintenance, and K&N definitely delivered. Thanks
Ernesto, Rancho Mirage, California
Best investment ever done to Colorado. Sounds like a real truck, went from Palm Springs to Santa Cruz in third of a tank, incredible, before K&N light would come on. If u have $$$ please don’t hesitate.
63-3095 K&N 63-3095 Entrada de Aire de Desempeño
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