Parte K&N correspondiendo con el filtro de aire Honda 172206L2A01

El filtro de aire Honda 172206L2A01 corresponde con el filtro de aire de K&N que aparece a continuación. K&N fabrica este filtro de aire para ser compatible con el filtro de aire de Honda ofreciéndole una buena alternativa de alta calidad.
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K&N Reemplazo Del Filtro De Aire
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Kelley Brown, Jacksonville, Florida
This is my fourth car that I put a K&N air filter in (First two I put intakes, last 2 I just replaced the stock filters) but since this car is a series type Hybrid I wasn't sure how it would really affect the performance of the car because it primarily works using the engine as a generator for electric motors in conjuction with the battery. However when you're on the highway cruising it does gear directly to the drivetrain. The difference in performance is not as noticeable as it was in my first three cars where you could actually feel it be more responsive from breathing easier. I imagine that it helps a little bit, as it should make the engine able to respond quicker thus creating more electricity on demand. However I did feel like I noticed that my engine started up easier, and when cruising on the highway and geared directly to the wheels the car seemed like it was maintaining highway speeds with less effort. I also felt like I noticed a small improvement in fuel economy on the highway. No matter how you slice it, this air filter breaths easier than the stock one, which can only benefit the engines health. Long story short, I would buy this filter again. K&N reigns supreme on filters and intakes and I will continue to put one in every car that I get that requires an air filter.
33-5090 K&N 33-5090 Reemplazo del filtro de aire
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