Parte K&N correspondiendo con el filtro de aire Jaguar T4A6123

El filtro de aire Jaguar T4A6123 corresponde con el filtro de aire de K&N que aparece a continuación. K&N fabrica este filtro de aire para ser compatible con el filtro de aire de Jaguar ofreciéndole una buena alternativa de alta calidad.
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K&N Reemplazo Del Filtro De Aire
  • Diseñado para aumentar la potencia
  • Garantía Limitada hasta un Millón de Millas
Kevin Brown, Bloomington, Indiana
First thing I do when I buy a car is replace the air filters with K&N filters. The way I see it it makes the most sense to buy them ASAP to save the most money via fuel mileage (and more power). This is the first car I have had to buy two filters for, but you can tell a small difference in power, and on a recent road trip my fuel mileage averaged 28.5 mpg and that’s traveling for 10 hours, being caught in 1 hour of stopped traffic covering only 5 miles. My average speed outside of traffic was 80-85mph. Not too shabby and better than when I first got the car. Always a big fan of K&N and all of my cars have their filters.
Blerim Abdiu, Däniken, Switzerland
Vielen Dank K&N hatt auch mit der bestellung supper geklappt..
Mick Bartle, Wakefield, United Kingdom
Excellent product immediate improvement, well worth the money.
33-3074 K&N 33-3074 Reemplazo del filtro de aire
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