Parte K&N correspondiendo con el filtro de aire Suzuki 1378014J00

El filtro de aire Suzuki 1378014J00 corresponde con el filtro de aire de K&N que aparece a continuación. K&N fabrica este filtro de aire para ser compatible con el filtro de aire de Suzuki ofreciéndole una buena alternativa de alta calidad.
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K&N Filtro De Aire Especificos De Raza
  • Diseñado para aplicaciones de carreras y pistas
  • No está Hecho para el Uso en la Calle
SU-7511R K&N SU-7511R Filtro de aire especificos de raza
Precio de Lista: $97.39
Tu Precio: $72.99
K&N Reemplazo Del Filtro De Aire
  • Diseñado para aumentar la potencia
  • Garantía Limitada hasta un Millón de Millas
Martyn Cobb , Stone, United Kingdom
Bought my first K&N for my Raptor a couple of years ago. It made such a massive difference in performance that I bought another one for my new Gixer too. Not quite the same power gain but definitely improves the engines characteristics and sound. So easy to maintain and cheaper than replacement filters in the long run. Very fast delivery direct from K&N, so I have no complaints
Barry Campbell, San Francisco, California
I recommend ordering directly from K&N as the price is about as good as it gets and you will receive the correct filter. I originally ordered this air filter from a popular website for motorcycle parts and accessories and received the wrong filter. I returned it and ordered the same filter from the manufacturer at the same price and quickly received the right one. I'll always order direct in the future.
Sandra Hunt, Cedar Hill, Tennessee
It was exactly the part I needed and a perfect fit.
SU-7511 K&N SU-7511 Reemplazo del filtro de aire
Precio de Lista: $84.49
Tu Precio: $62.99