Parte K&N correspondiendo con el filtro de aire de cabina WIX WP10319

El filtro de aire de cabina WIX WP10319 corresponde con el filtro de aire de cabina de K&N que aparece a continuación. K&N fabrica este filtro de aire de cabina para ser compatible con el filtro de aire de cabina de WIX ofreciéndole una buena alternativa de alta calidad.
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K&N Filtro De Aire De Cabina
  • Con carga electrostática que impide la suciedad y el polvo
  • Fácil de limpiar y reutilizar
Marcus Infanti, Pineville, North Carolina
This filter was easy to install and now I don't have to worry about replacing it for the lifetime of the car. I also have a K&N engine filter and will clean both at the same time.
Louis Proulx, Saint-Narcisse, Canada
Robert Moniz, Acushnet, Massachusetts
Noticing the air coming in to the car seems cleaner and fresher. The inside of my car doesn't smell so musty. This cabin air filter is a little pricey, but since you can reuse it and never have to buy another cabin air filter it makes it well worth it.
VF2059 K&N VF2059 Filtro de Aire de Cabina
Precio de Lista: $68.69
Tu Precio: $43.99