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Million Mile Chevy Truck

Million Mile Chevy Truck

Carl's Million Mile Truck

Watch video of Carl and his million mile truck.

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The Miles Keep Rolling On for K&N's Famous Million Mile Truck

K&N Presents Carl with New Truck!

Original news story about Carl and his million mile truck.

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This is Carl Judice of New Iberia, Louisiana. Carl drives a three quarter ton Chevrolet pick-up truck for both work and pleasure. It may not look like much, but Carl likes it just fine. You see, Carl's truck has been running the same K&N Lifetime air filter for over a million miles.

In that million miles, Carl has saved himself a nice chunk of change - over $1,800 in replacement air filters according to his service adviser, Bojack Walker at the Musson-Patout General Motors dealership.

Carl points out that he has never had his truck's engine rebuilt and the cylinder head has never been removed in over a million miles. How many times has Carl had to slow down his busy schedule to clean his K&N? "I've cleaned the filter maybe 10 to 12 times in the million miles. When I open the cover and it's dirty, I clean it." For a busy guy like Carl, air filter replacements are an inconvenience he'd rather not deal with. If you see Carl on the road in his white truck, give him a wave. Just be sure not to get in his way or slow him down. Carl has a whole lot of driving to do and places to be. Got it? Good.

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Listen to Sam Memmolo's interview of Carl about his Million Mile Truck