2005 Polaris Sportsman MV7 700 Filtro de Aceite

K&N filtro de aceite para 2005 Polaris Sportsman MV7 700
  • Protege el motor de su Polaris Sportsman MV7
  • Construcción pesada
  • Excelente con aceite sintético o convencional
Los filtros de aceite premium de alto flujo que ofrece K&N para los motores 2005 Polaris Sportsman MV7. Estos filtros de aceite de motor para los modelos Polaris Sportsman MV7 usan un medio de filtrado de alto flujo que proporciona una filtración excelente para darle una larga vida a su motor.

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I haven't actually used my recently purchased K&N oil filters. But after completing the first oil change on my 2018 Polaris General, I ordered the filters. The General has a parallel twin engine and the filter is located down in between the cylinders. Nothing unusual about that except there is a fire wall mounted in front of this twin I could barely get a hold of the filter with my oil filter pliers. I need a filter with a nut on the end Seems like the K&N's has had that forever I won't be able to use the new filter until 50 hours (approximately 500 miles) from now. But It will certainly be a lot easier, no doubt.
, Greeneville, Tennessee
Filtro de Aceite
K&N KN-198
  • 17mm Tuerca para facilitar la extraccion
  • Servicio Pesado de Construcción
KN-198 2005 Polaris Sportsman MV7 700 Filtro de Aceite
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