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K&N Filtros de Aceite para Scion

Scion Filtros de Aceite

Scion was created in 2002 as a sub brand of Toyota Motor Corporation as an attempt to appeal to generation Y consumers. Scion worked really hard to be a brand that people who desired customizing would take to. Scion as a brand offers over 150 aftermarket components for their models of cars. K&N offers performance oil filters for Scion brand cars. The Scion Tc, Xb, and Xa all have K&N oil filters made to replace the stock oil filters. The HP-1003 and PS-1003 are replacement oil filters that fit the Tc, Xb and Xa. The HP-1003 comes with the 1 inch nut for easy install and removal.
K&N Scion Filtros de Aceite

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