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Nostalgia Air Filter Assemblies

These custom air cleaner assemblies from K&N are designed for use on nostalgia engines. They incorporate our famous K&N Air Filters and combine high air flow with great looks.  Available in 4 different styles.

Four Inch Chrome Top Open Sides

Four Inch Chrome Top Open Sides

Round open style assemblies fit nearly all early model carburetors with 2-3/16" or 2-5/8" flange diameter. Assemblies are 4" in diameter and measure 3" from base to the top of the wing nut.

Single Assembly - 60-0400

3 Complete Assemblies - 60-0403

Single Replacement Element for 60-0400 - E-3120

Four Inch Louvered Chrome Bonnet

Four Inch Louvered Chrome Bonnet

Louvered Bonnet assemblies have a 4" outside diameter base with a 2-5/8" flange and 2-3/16" flange adapter.  The 4-5/8" outside diameter Bonnet measures 3" total height (the total height is the minimum clearance required above the carburetor flange).

Single Assembly - 60-0500

3 Complete Assemblies - 60-0503

Single Filter - E-3120

Pontiac Tri-Power Air Cleaners - Chrome

Pontiac Tri-Power Air Cleaners - Chrome

Designed for Pontiac 389, 400, 421, and 428 engines with tri-power.  Some mounting flange sizes vary by model year. Make sure to measure before ordering.

Single Assembly - 2 5/8" - 60-1331

Single Assembly - 3 1/16" - 60-1340

3 Complete Assemblies - 2 5/8" - 60-1333

One 2 5/8" + Two 3 1/16" Assemblies - 60-1350

Single Replacement Element for all Assemblies - E-3200

Four Inch Finned Aluminum Top Filters

Four Inch Finned Aluminum Top Filters

Round one-piece filters are molded into the aluminum base and finned top and have an “as cast” finish that can be painted, polished or left as is. They fit carburetors with a 2 5/8” flange diameter and are held in one place with a setscrew. These filters are 4” in diameter and measure 2 3/4” in length from base of flange to top.

3 Complete Assemblies - 60-0413

Note: These products are legal in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used, registered, or licensed for use upon a highway. See for CARB status on each part for a specific vehicle.


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