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K&N Snowmobile Air Filters & Accessories

K&N Snowmobile Air Filters & Accessories
  • - Many applications available depending on angle, offset or diameter of the air intake
  • - Ultra strong molded pliable rubber flanges absorb vibration and allow for secure attachment
  • - Flanges can be stretched up to 1/16" (1.5mm) to fit in-between sizes
  • - K&N One Year Limited Warranty

K&N Air Filters & Filter Accessories for the Snowmobile

If you require good clean air and lots of it, K&N universal clamp-on filters are your best bet for improved performance! Universal in style, K&N snowmobile air filters replace the existing airbox and OEM stock filter. K&N manufactures hundreds of sizes, shapes and lengths to fit virtually any snowmobile.

SnowCharger® Filter Wraps

  • - SnowChargers will stop small dirt particles, yet add little restriction to the airflow of your filter.
  • - Deflects grass, twigs, rocks and dust you encounter when grass track racing or crossing snowless trails.
  • - The SnowCharger is designed to be run dry and can be easily cleaned with K&N Filter Cleaner.

The prefilter answer to all the snow that wants to pack down into the pleats of your snowmobile air filter. SnowChargers are silicone treated polyester wraps that repel snow and water. Melting snow just beads off instead of soaking the filters.

Snowmobile Air Filters and Filter Wraps by Size

Mounting Flange Inside Diameter Filter Base Filter Top Filter Length Flange Angle Part # Snow Charger Part #
2-7/16" 3-3/4" 3" 6" 20° SN-2510 SN-2510PK
2-7/16" 3-3/4" 3" 5" 20° SN-2520 SN-2520PK
2-7/16" 3-3/4" 3" 4" 20° SN-2530 SN-2530PK
2-7/16" 3-1/4" x 4" 3-1/4" x 2-1/2" 5" 20° SN-2540 SN-2540PK
2-7/16" 3-1/4" x 4" 3-1/4" x 2-1/2" 6" 20° SN-2550 SN-2550PK
2-7/16" 3-1/4" x 4" 3-1/4" x 2-1/2" 7" 20° SN-2560
2-7/16" 3-1/2" 2" 5" 0° SN-2570 SN-2570PK
2-3/4" 4-1/2" 3" 4" 0° SN-2580 SN-2580PK
2-3/4" 4" 3" 5" 10° SN-2590 SN-2590PK
2-3/4" 4" 3" 6" 10° SN-2600
2-3/4" 4" 3" 6" 20° SN-2620 SN-2620PK
Mikuni VM36-38 carburetors use filters with a 2-7/16" I.D. flange.
Mikuni VM30-34 carburetors use filters with a 2-1/4" I.D. flange.
Mikuni VM40-44 carburetors use filters with a 2-3/4" I.D. flange.

K&N Premium Oil Filters for the Snowmobile

K&N Premium Oil Filters for the Snowmobile

  • - Designed to be compatible with modern synthetic and synthetic blended oils
  • - Synthetic media allows for the higher-flow rates associated with synthetic and synthetic blended oils
  • - Large uniform pleated synthetic filter media provides high-capacity and outstanding filtration
  • - Protected by a heavy-duty canister and base plate, with a double-rolled seal
  • - K&N Wrench-Off® canister oil filters have a 17mm Hex nut to allow easy wrench-off
  • - Pre-drilled for safety wire security
  • - Pressure relief valve and anti-drain back valve (where applicable)
  • - Pre-Lubed base gasket for easy no mess installation
  • - Available with a black or chrome finish
  • - K&N Snowmobile Oil Filters


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