Video - Whether riding a wheelie down the street or writing his name on the ground in burnt rubber, Rob Carpenter trusts the performance and reliability of K&N on his V-Twins

People love a good motorcycle wheelie or a big, smoky burnout. There is also something appealing about the throaty growl of a Harley-Davidson V-Twin. When you combine those into a breathtaking thrill show, you have a highly successful endeavor. That is exactly what Rob Carpenter of One Wheel Revolution had in mind. Rob travels the world putting on stunt shows on his trusty H-D. Rob counts on K&N to give his bikes extra power and the protection that his V-Twin deserves. Rob trusts his bikes with K&N air intakes to provide enough power for a 12 O’clock wheelie while keeping dust and debris from entering his beloved motor. Follow along as Rob adds a K&N 63-1134 air intake to his ride.

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